Professionalism at its finest.

Dr. LaToya René Robertson is a talented educator and composer. Robertson has overcome the struggles of being raised in an impoverished and drug-infested neighborhood to become a TED Talk Presenter, an accredited television music composer, consultant, educator, 3x author, world traveler, and an implicit bias expert.

As a consultant, LaToya René works with leaders in corporations and colleges to improve performance. Areas of focus are employee engagement, goal management, implicit bias, and diversity retention.


As a composer, LaToya René creates music that enhances scenes and creates emotions. LaToya René uses her classical skills and world music experience to create her pieces. The majority of her work has been used on television. She hopes to work more in the film and gaming industry in the near future.


As a speaker, LaToya René shares her experience with being a woman in male-dominated industries, pursuing goals, daring to stand out, overcoming adversity, and finding ultimate happiness.


LaToya René has developed first-year programs at her Alma mater, created music for television shows on stations such as NBC, MTV, BET, Entertainment, TBS, and TRUTV, toured internationally, spoken at universities, and has completed her three books. Personally, she hopes to be an example proving it’s not how you start but your motivation to succeed. Professionally, she works relentlessly to help her clients reach optimal performance and results.